Nakia is Out Of Her Cone

I forgot to write earlier this week that Nakia is out of her cone and able to roam the house freely. The vet gave us the go-ahead on Tuesday to do this. Her incision from her spay is healing nicely. It’s nice to have her able to go where she wants in the house. She still seems to prefer to hang out in our second bedroom though on the waterbed with Patrick. She did, though, spoon with David one night during the windstorm. It was very cute!

Also, the cats, particularly Patrick, have fleas somehow. I’m not sure how they got them during the winter, but we are going to treat for them here soon. We were going to do their flea treatments yesterday but the power was out so we’ll likely do them today. I like to do them in the mornings or early afternoons because Patrick sleeps around my head and the flea treatment is stinky if it’s not dry yet.

I also washed a lot of their beds this week because of this and did other laundry to try to prevent an infestation. I once had one of those in my old apartment when the cats had fleas and I didn’t realize it. It took three months to get the fleas out of the apartment! Luckily I was able to get rid of them.

I am feeling pretty good today actually. I slept about 10 hours last night. It was nice. I should have plenty of energy to take Maggie on a walk today and do 15 minutes of yoga.

I’ve also been revising a new book, a horror/mystery novel that I wrote. I’m about 45 pages in and think that it’s turning out to be a good book. It will be awhile before I send it to publishers though, but I’m excited about this book.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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