We Have Some Non-Rainy Days Coming Up

We’ve had a really rainy winter here the last few months in the Pacific Northwest. It’s been frustrating for me because it’s made it hard to walk Maggie and to enjoy her walks. I did buy some rain gear so that I can take her for walks in the rain. Still, I prefer sunny days for walks with her.

Luckily the next few days are going to be cloudy or at least have breaks in the rain for half the day. That means I should be able to take her for walks and have fun doing it. Yesterday I took her for a couple of short walks and she and I both had a lot of fun, until she started humping David’s leg on our evening walk and we had to take her inside.

We’re also having another early morning around here. Maggie woke everyone up around 6:30 am this morning. I had gone to bed early the night before so I did get enough sleep despite that, but I’m not sure if David did. I’ve heard of other doodles having a lot of energy and waking up early in the morning as well, so I don’t think that this is unique to her.

But today (Thursday) is my day where I have three appointments in the afternoon and evening. It’s a stressful day for me, and I tend to be tired out the next day. I’m going to stick to my 15 minutes of yoga in the mornings the next couple of days followed by a walk with Maggie afterwards to preserve my energy.

I was quite exhausted yesterday from yoga on Tuesday but was able to get through the day okay. I just played a lot of Sims 4 and watched tv and rested, outside of shorts amounts of exercise. I’m also proud of myself because when I was starving between meals I actually had snacks, and chose healthy ones too (pieces of fruit). So that’s a step in the right direction for me, is to actually eat when I’m hungry and to eat something good for me.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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