Nakia’s Turning Out To Be A Big Cuddler

It turns out that Nakia loves to cuddle. When she was in heat all the time she had a hard time doing it though. But now that she is spayed she has decided that her favorite place is on me or David’s lap. She loves to curl up with us and watch tv. It’s very cute. Here’s a picture of her in my lap yesterday:

Nakia on my lap

Patrick, though, who has cancer, has been having tummy issues the last few days. So we’re keeping an eye on that. And Tempest, who has chronic kidney disease, has been having issues finishing his food. So we’re also keeping an eye on him. They’re both 15 and are elderly cats.

Maggie’s been very hyper the last few days. She seems to be getting into everything! And Perdi is still struggling with her new medicine regimen.

I’m continuing with the Yoga Every Day series this morning. I’ve been doing it the past two days. I like how short the episodes are because it actually feels more relaxing to have a short and gentle practice. At the same time, though, yesterday I felt like I wanted to do more than 15 minutes of yoga. But I stopped myself at 15 minutes so that I’d have the energy to get through the day. We ended up taking Maggie to the dog park and running some errands in the afternoon.

I am doing much better these days in terms of my PTSD symptoms but some still linger. For example, I had nightmares all night last night about various things. It was hard, and I kept waking up. I still got enough sleep though.

Today I’m going to continue the Yoga Every Day series, revise one of my books, go in the sauna, and take Maggie for a walk in the afternoon. I also start the Restart program tonight, which I’m nervous about. We’ll see how it goes!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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