I Started the Yoga Every Day Series

I started the Yoga Every Day Series on Gaia.com yesterday. The practices are only 15 minutes, so they are not long, but for me right now that’s okay because I’m recovering from pneumonia and going through Lyme treatment. The first video was a Vinyasa flow, which I really liked. I feel motivated already to do yoga every day again even after what I’ve been through recently. I’m looking forward to it! We also took Maggie for a half hour walk yesterday in the rain, which was cold but nice. It’s really rainy where I’m at right now.

Nakia is doing okay in her cone and in the crate. She’s been in there for about 5 days now and has a week and a half to go. She just got spayed. She is turning out to be a real sweetheart though. She loves to cuddle on my lap.

I am a little tired today. Patrick woke everyone up at 7 am when I was fast asleep. I couldn’t get back to sleep though.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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