Nakia Got Her Cone Off Last Night

I woke up this morning to find Nakia sitting in her crate with one of her cones next to her. I immediately checked her incision, which does look a little inflamed but not too bad. David tried a new cone on her last night, one that seemed really sturdy but I guess that it wasn’t. So now she’s back in the pink one that I put a ribbon through to keep sturdy. I really hope that she didn’t lick her incision too much last night.

It is turning out that, now that she’s not in heat all the time, that she’s a total love bug. Yesterday she must have sat in my lap on and off all day. It was really cute. And, she loves to get pets and cuddles. She’s really a very sweet girl.

Patrick slept with me all last night. I’m a little worried about him because he seems to be losing weight. I’m going to keep an eye on him.

Maggie did very well with the New Year’s fireworks last night. She did bark at them at first but overall didn’t seem to afraid of them. Tempest and Patrick though were hiding a lot.

Here’s a picture of Nakia in her surgery suit, which we let her in when she is supervised (she’s able to get out of it as well):

Nakia on my lap yesterday

As you can see, she loves to be on my lap. Right now she’s crying though so I’d better go see what she needs!

Happy Holidays everyone, and thanks for reading!

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