Nakia’s Having A Hard Time With The Cone

Nakia got spayed yesterday and is in the cone of shame. She really doesn’t like it at all. She dislikes it so much, in fact, that she managed to rip open the plastic cone that we got from the vet. Luckily I had bought a cloth cone that I put on her, but she got that one off as well. So, I put a couple of holes in the cone and put a string through it to keep it on her. This seems to be working. But the problem is that I’m worried that she’s going to tear her stitches when she is trying to get her cone off, because she rolls around in her crate when she does that (we have her in a crate to keep her from jumping around). So the last couple of days have been very stressful for us.

Nakia in her cloth cone

David thinks that we should rename Nakia “Houdini” because she’s an escape artist when it comes to cones.

We are getting a surgery suit delivered for her tomorrow that should be an alternative to the cone. I just worry that she would find a way to take that off as well. We tried a couple of baby onesies on her but she managed to get out of those. She certainly knows how to wriggle out of things.

Luckily she should be all healed up in two weeks, and then she should be feeling better. She won’t be in heat all the time, which should be nice for her. Hopefully I can bond with her a little more then.

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