Maggie Sat On A Stool During Agility Training!

We had a good and relaxing Christmas. I actually didn’t mind staying home for Christmas at all, because most of the time I end up travelling to other people’s houses for Christmas. It was nice to stay home.

Maggie seemed kind of scared when we unwrapped presents. We did a Zoom call with our families and it was louder than she was used to. Also, the cats didn’t come out to unwrap their presents, which was too bad. But they did play with their presents later in the day.

We did some agility training with Maggie and she did great! She actually got all the way up on the stool and sat on it, which she’s never been able to figure out before. She was getting her back legs on other pieces of agility equipment as well. I’m really proud of her! And I’m really excited for her one year birthday tomorrow.

Here’s some pictures of her on the stool:

As you can see, she did very well with her training. I’m also proud of myself for not totally binging/overeating on Christmas. I did have a few treats but I didn’t binge like usual. So that’s good!

I hope that everyone who celebrates Christmas had a great holiday, and for everyone else, that you’re getting through this pandemic okay.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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