We Did Some Training With Maggie On Her Walk Yesterday

Yesterday was actually a pretty good day for me. I wasn’t herxing too badly, like I was the day before, and my viral and Lyme symptoms did not seem to be too flared. So, I did about 20 minutes of Vinyasa in the morning and took Maggie for a 35 minute walk in the afternoon.

On her walk, though, Maggie kept lunging at everyone that walked, biked, or ran by. I don’t know what’s gotten into her. She’s been doing this a lot lately. So, we started using the leave it command when anyone passed. She eventually got that she wasn’t supposed to lunge at anyone by the half way point and was walking without trying to run up to people/lunge at them for attention. But, at the end of the walk there was a skate park, and for some reason she started running towards it. So, we still have a lot of work for her to do. So far in her training she’s done a puppy and teenage series, as well as a few months of day training. When the pandemic settles down I’m going to get her into basic training for dogs and go from there. I know that David and I, too, need to be consistent with our training at home and with what she gets attention for. For example, he is not as strict at not allowing chewing on hands as I am. She never tries to bite my hands but she does David’s because he allows it. So we need to be more consistent with her.

We’re planning on taking her for a hike to a viewpoint sometime today but I’m not quite sure when. I’d prefer to take her in the morning but it’s going to be about 35 degrees out until noon. So we’ll probably do an afternoon hike.

In other news, Nakia is back in heat and is whining all of the time. She gets spayed on Tuesday, which will be good but sad because she has to be in a crate for about two weeks and in a cone to protect her incision. So that will be hard. Yesterday while I did yoga she and Patrick actually came and helped me with it, and she curled around my hand while I was doing a plank hold. It was adorable! She is starting to get friendly with us and fit in around here, which is good. I’m just sad that she might be out of it from her spay for awhile, but it’s better than her being in heat all of the time.

Also I took a nap yesterday and Patrick decided to curl up around my head. When I woke up, he showered me with kisses all over my face for about 20 minutes! It was really cute and really made me feel comforted. He really is the sweetest boy.

Here’s a picture of Maggie on her walk yesterday. She’s also in her new peacoat.

Maggie on a walk yesterday

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