It Turns Out That Maggie Loves Puddles and Streams

We took Maggie back to the dog park that we found that is close to our house yesterday. This dog park is really muddy right now, and it has a big puddle/pond in the middle with a stream that flows to it. It turns out that, even in the cold of winter, that Maggie loves to play in ponds and streams. It’s really cute, but at the same time she gets totally muddy. She loves the stream at this dog park so much that she runs up and down it, and then goes and lays in parts of it and in the pond. And, she gets the other dogs there to follow her and everyone gets muddy. She’s like the crazy dog, you know, who’s a bad influence on the rest. It is cute though. But, she can get pretty out of control at this dog park due to excitement and not listen to our commands. She has so much fun there, though. I didn’t get a picture of her yesterday, sorry to my readers!

She always requires a half hour bath and lots of brushing after playing in the mud and water like that, so we don’t take her to that dog park every day. We just don’t have time to brush her out every night. But, the weekend is usually a good time to go.

This morning Patrick actually woke me up wanting attention at 4:30 am. David put him outside our bedroom but then he was whining at the door, which caused Maggie to bark at him through the door. It was quite the spectacle. It woke me all the way up, and it took me an hour to fall back asleep, only after putting Patrick in his own bedroom. But Maggie was trying to patrol and keep the cats quiet by being loud herself. It was cute too! Luckily I did fall back asleep, and got enough sleep to function today. I did some pretty difficult yoga yesterday (which Maggie helped a lot with my giving me kisses and jumping on me while I tried to hold poses) so I plan on doing something lighter today, and then I have a massage later today.

There are supposed to be three nice days later this week so I’m hoping to be able to take Maggie for some walks.

Anyways, I hope that this blog post finds you well. I know that parts of the world are suffering right now for different reasons.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

Me and Maggie after yoga yesterday
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