Maggie Still Has An Ear Infection

Maggie got diagnosed with an ear infection in both ears about two weeks ago. We’ve been doing drops in her ears twice a day ever since. The infections don’t seem to bother her too much other than the fact that she is resting more often. We took her for a re-check yesterday and one of her ears is still very infected. So, the vet put some medicine in her ear that is supposed to stay there for a week. Hopefully that will clear things up.

Nakia seems to be out of heat but is still very vocal. She’s getting spayed on the 29th. She seems to be a vocal cat in general, which I actually like. So that’s good. I still do really miss my boys Lucy and Marmalade who passed away from cancer though, especially Lucy, who I’d had since he was a kitten. It’s hard for me not to adopt cats that look like him or pull at my heart strings right now.

Yesterday I didn’t feel well at all so rested all day and watched Christmas movies. I will admit that it was frustrating for me to have to rest. Today I’m feeling better and will do some yoga.

My LLMD thinks that the symptoms I’m having are from herxing (die off). I hope that she’s right. It sucks being sick all the time.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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