We Did Agility Training With Maggie Yesterday, and I Found A New Yoga Video I Like

Yesterday it was raining for most of the day, and Maggie was anxious to do something and bored. So we decided to do agility training with her. With her agility training, we have her run between cones for a treat, use the balance board, go around a cone for treats, use a balance toy, and sit on a stool. We also did some regular training like look, touch, sit, and down. She really seemed to enjoy it! We’re still working right now on trying to get her back paws on the balance toys. She’ll put her front paws on them just fine but has issues putting her back paws on to balance and has for months. So we’re trying to entice her with treats to do that.

Maggie balancing on the stool. Sorry about the mess in the background!

Maggie really loves agility training, but I’m not sure about having her go through an agility course. I’m very protective of her, and I feel like she could get hurt on one of those. So for now we’re just doing basic agility training, and will see where she goes from there.

I also found an afternoon/evening yoga video that I liked a lot on Gaia.com. It was a video with about 15 minutes of flow followed by a lot of stretching. I wasn’t feeling 100% yesterday and it was the perfect video to get just a little bit of strength building and a lot of stretching my sore muscles. I felt much better after doing it. It was a Hatha video. I hope to find more like it!

This morning I am planning on doing some yoga followed by the infared sauna, and then at some point I need to work on my latest revisions from my editor. I don’t know if I’ll start that today or not.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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