I’m Feeling Much Better. Plus Some Pictures of the Pets

I’m feeling much better today, and was feeling okay yesterday too. My muscle aches are way down as is my sore throat. I definitely must have been fighting some sort of cold or flu. I still mostly took it easy yesterday though to ensure that my symptoms wouldn’t come back, and they didn’t.

The big news from yesterday is that we ended up finding a dog park that is only 6 minutes from our house. Maggie loved it there. The people and dogs were friendly, and there was a little creek that she got to play in. But, it didn’t have any trails for us to walk on, so that is unfortunate for me. Still it’s a good dog park that I can take her to myself on days that I do yoga and don’t want to exercise twice.

Maggie at the dog park

As you can see, Maggie got absolutely soaked at the dog park! I also have some other cute pictures from yesterday that I want to share:

Perdi, Nakia and Patrick
Perdi and Patrick
Nakia, Perdi and Patrick
Maggie and Tempest

Everyone was getting along really well yesterday. And, it looks like Nakia is fitting in well with the rest of the cats, despite the fact that she is in heat and still screaming quite a bit. I’m glad that everyone is getting along!

I also had a sad reminder of Lucy yesterday. A cat that looked just like him showed up on a lost cats Facebook group. I looked at the cat and it looked so much like Lucy that I wanted to take it in. But it turned out that the cat had a head fracture and had to be put to sleep. It was really sad, and it brought up a lot of memories about Lucy’s struggles. It was just heartbreaking for me. So that put a kink in my night last night.

I did manage to sleep really well despite it though and have the energy to exercise today. I think that I’m going to do a gentle Vinyasa flow this morning.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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