I Was Sick Yesterday, Plus Nakia is Back In Heat

I wrote in my blog yesterday morning that I had a sore throat and swollen glands but was going to try to exercise anyways. Well, that sore throat turned into a headache, muscle aches, and low grade fever as well, so I ended up resting all day yesterday. It turns out that my husband, David, wasn’t feeling great either, so we must have caught something. Luckily we’re both feeling better today so should be able to take Maggie on a walk.

Nakia is also back in heat and is whining all night. It’s very loud. She’s also lifting up her bottom a lot. She doesn’t seem as uncomfortable as she was the last time she was in heat, which is good. And, she is exploring the house as well, and just seems more confident in general.

The other thing I was thinking of in regards to animals is that they do not follow norms like we do. I was noticing the other day how much of a caregiver Patrick is (as he was licking my face and trying to keep me calm when I was trying to fall asleep). He doesn’t seem to mind that he’s a boy cat; he just takes care of everyone around him. In our human world, that might be frowned upon, but when it comes to animals they don’t care about gender norms. Patrick definitely is the most loving/caring/feminine of all of our cats in a lot of ways. It’s interesting. And it doesn’t seem to bother him or anyone else at all. It’s very cute. I wish that we as a society could learn from animals in this way.

Of course, my husband David is quite the caregiver as well. I’ve noticed that he takes care of everyone around him. It’s very sweet. I’ve always been the caregiver in my relationships so this is a big change for me. And a nice one.

I’d better go and help with the animal’s medications. Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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