I Did An Hour Of Yoga Yesterday

I met with my yoga instructor over Zoom yesterday and did a full yoga practice! I’m really proud of myself. I’m a little sore from it today, but I’ll be alright. We did about 40 minutes of Vinyasa followed by some restorative poses. It was really nice. I’m glad that I have the stamina to do that again!

I’m not feeling 100% today though. Nakia was crying throughout the night, so I didn’t sleep that well. My throat is sore and my glands are a bit swollen today. I think that I’m still going to try to do a half hour of yoga and take Maggie on a short walk though, even though I don’t feel 100%. I’m trying to do yoga at least three times a week right now.

I let Maggie rest yesterday. She seemed really tired for most of the day, but by the end of the day she was her usual energetic self. Also, she’s back to scarfing down her food so that’s good! I’m glad that she’s feeling better.

David took a picture last night that I wanted to share with you. Here is what my sleep looks like:

Bedtime with Maggie and Patrick

Patrick always lays around my head at night, until he starts waking me up for attention and we put him outside the bedroom. Maggie tends to lay against me or at my feet. It’s very nice sleeping with these two. David also let Nakia in for a little while last night because she was crying at the door to come in, and she came up near my head for some pets. I don’t know what it is about animals wanting attention from me while I sleep, but they do. Perdi comes up for attention at night as well. Tempest is the only one who does not, but even he lies at my feet sometimes.

I also got most of my Christmas shopping done, and bought a few cute things for around the house. I bought a personalized “we got a puppy during a pandemic” ornament with Maggie’s name on it, and a “we got married during a pandemic” ornament for us. We also bought a dog stocking for Maggie. I have yet to put up the stockings and the Christmas hand towels but will do that soon. The only shopping I still have to do is for the animals, and for stocking stuffers.

The other thing is that my parents did get ahold of me last week (Friday and Saturday) and were trying to convince me to take my nephew (let him stay here with me) for awhile, stating that he has requested to see me. But, I talked to my sister, his mom, who says that he hasn’t. So I think it was just a bait tactic to use as an excuse to see me, because they kept talking about them dropping him off and stuff. I haven’t talked to them since. For my new followers who don’t know, my parents are very abusive, and can be very manipulative when it comes to trying to find ways to be in my life. I’ve been no contact with them for a few months now and it’s been a really good decision for me. I definitely get re-traumatized every time I talk to them or see them.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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