We Put Up Our Indoor Christmas Decorations Yesterday

We finally got the motivation to put up our indoor Christmas decorations yesterday. We put a Christmas bandana on Maggie and turned on Christmas music to get in the mood. She seemed to really like decorating, although I’m not sure she can even see our tree. It’s a two foot small tree that’s up high on a bookshelf so that the cats can’t get to it (Patrick tends to take the branches off of Christmas trees and play with ornaments). But we still had fun putting everything up.

Maggie smiling after putting up decorations

Nakia is getting more used to being here, and is slowly starting to explore the house. This morning David found her in the living room sitting near the tv. This is big progress for her. Patrick’s been bullying her a bit, though, and even bit her last night. They do seem to be getting along overall though.

Also this morning Nakia was in the hallway and the three other kitties were huddled up in the master bedroom, having a little meeting about her. They’re still all getting to know each other.

I’ve been doing Christmas shopping lately, through a benefit to raise money for the shelter we bought Nakia from. I have presents for all the women in our family, which is good. The shelter we got Nakia from is called Carrie’s Feline Rescue. If you guys want to donate to the shelter let me know and I can get you in touch with Carrie. I think that the fundraiser itself is over (it went on last week) but they are still accepting donations. The owner of the rescue has been caring for some sick kittens and nursing them back to health before adoption. I know that she is currently adopting out a couple of kittens. She’s in Washington State.

It is actually really hard for me not to adopt some kittens right now. They are so cute, and it’s been 15 years since I had kittens! But, Nakia seems to be a good addition to our household right now. I’m glad that we got her.

I’ve also been trying to walk Maggie more and get her to run more because the vet said that she needs to lose a couple of pounds. On Saturday we took her to an off-leash area with trails with my cousin and her dog, who’s Maggie’s age. They ran around on the trails and got a lot of exercise. It was fun! Maggie tired out quickly though, meaning that she needs to build up her endurance for exercise.

I was also really sore over the weekend from the power yoga I did on Friday so I myself didn’t do any strenuous exercise. This week though I’m back to my exercise schedule.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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