Some Good News and Some Bad News

We took both Nakia and Maggie into the vet today. Maggie has an ear infection and is going to be starting treatment for it tonight. The vet said it isn’t that bad, though, so she can still exercise and do her normal activity. In addition to this, though, the vet also said that she is a few pounds overweight! So she needs to get more exercise. I’m not surprised about this because I wasn’t able to walk her very much when I had pneumonia, and still am not walking her as far as we used to. So I need to walk her more often or take her to dog parks to play.

I did take her out for a 35 minute walk today with treats and got her to walk about a mile and a half. Every time she stopped I lured her along with a treat for awhile. It seemed to work well, and by the end of the walk I was able to lure her with my fingers without a treat. So, we are going to try to do that every day, weather permitting.

The really good news about our vet visit(s) is that Nakia tested negative for feline leukemia and got a clean bill of health, meaning that she can be around our other cats and doesn’t have to be stuck in the room by herself all of the time! The issue is that she still prefers that room though and seems to be afraid of the rest of the house. But, Patrick prefers that bedroom as well, especially in the mornings, so he’ll be able to go in there with her now. I’m really happy though that she is able to roam the house and be around the other cats. She is also currently not in heat.

In terms of my activity, I might do some light yoga later today. We’ll see. I have both my counseling appointment and my appointment with the nutritionist, so it depends on how much energy I have.

I think that’s enough writing for the day! Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below.

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