I’m Going To Do Some More Leash Training With Maggie

It seems that every time I take Maggie for a walk around the neighborhood, she gets distracted by someone or something and just sits in the middle of the road and doesn’t want to walk. This is both frustrating and embarrassing for me, and is teaching her bad habits. The other issue she has is that she lunges at cars and bicyclists that go by. So I’ve decided that I need to bring some treats along to work with her on these things. I’m going to lure her with treats when she sits and looks at things in the road, and when she does not lunge and a car goes by I’ll give her a treat. We’re going to work on this every day for awhile until she gets it. We have a little treat container that is attached to her leash so this shouldn’t be hard for me to do.

In other news, I am back to my twice a day exercise schedule, with rest days here and there. I’m back to doing a half hour of yoga in the mornings and taking Maggie for a walk in the afternoon. It feels good to be back to my usual schedule.

Nakia is still in heat and uncomfortable. I tried to find a vet who could do a spay earlier than a month out but I couldn’t. So it looks like she’s going to be uncomfortable for some time.

Today I plan on doing some Hatha yoga, going in the sauna, making lunch and dinner and taking Maggie for a walk. I also have a counseling appointment this afternoon. I’m nervous about it because this counselor is the ED specialist, and is not a specialist in DID. It’s nerve wracking for me to see her right now, especially because it’s new.

I am getting a better handle on my system and on my parts. So that’s good. The book “Finding Yourself” by Alison Miller is really helping me.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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