I Was Exhausted Yesterday, Plus Nakia Is Still Struggling

I wanted to take Maggie on a hike yesterday but I was just totally exhausted. I feel that years of stress is finally catching up with me and I am exhausted in every way. So, we just stayed at home and watched movies and played video games. We watched the new Disney movie Black Beauty, which was good but hard to watch at times because it portrays animal abuse.

And, Nakia is still in heat. We also think that she may have worms, and because Maggie and Patrick have been licking her probably all the pets will need to have dewormers. On top of this, it appears as though Maggie has an ear infection. I looked into her ear on Saturday night and it was full of brown wax. So I cleaned it out with some ear solution and am hopefully going to get her into the vet soon, if they have any openings (our vet has been really busy lately).

Today I plan on calling the vet, doing some yoga, and going in the sauna. Other than that, I don’t really have much to do today, except for possibly pick up dewormer from the vet.

I’m hoping that everything goes well with myself and the animals today.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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