The Excitement Around Here Never Ends

Things continue to be dramatic and/or exciting around our house. Nakia is still in heat, and is whining pretty much 24/7. We still have her in her own room for now because we don’t want her running out the door and getting pregnant. But it is hard to see her just alone in the bedroom. I’ve actually never seen a cat in heat before this, and it’s kind of hard to see. She’s obviously uncomfortable and won’t let us pick her up right now. She keeps lifting up her bottom as if to be ready to mate. And she’s really anxious. We did make an appointment for her to get spayed in about a month, meaning that the next month will be a long month if she’s still in and out of heat.

In other news, Patrick decided to sit with Maggie on his own! I put him on my lap and he walked away and right over to Maggie. He curled up with her and she actually did not try to play with him. It was very cute. They were curled up for about an hour.

Patrick curled up with Maggie yesterday

Maggie certainly is having a hard time with having a kitty in the house that is in distress. Everyone seems to be. Perdi, too, is still having bladder issues and is in and out of the litterbox. We’re starting her on some bladder friendly food and a pheromone (stress-relieving) collar. Hopefully that will help her.

I also wasn’t feeling very well yesterday. I was really tired and feeling like I had no motivation, plus one of the lymph nodes behind my ear is really swollen. So, I took it easy yesterday but am planning on doing yoga later this morning. Hopefully the lymph node swelling goes down because it’s uncomfortable.

So yes, our household continues to be busy. There’s a lot to take care of. And, we don’t even have our Christmas decorations up yet.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to comment below.

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