We Think That Nakia’s In Heat

Starting yesterday, Nakia started vocalizing quite a bit, and is sticking up her bum and rolling around as if she is in heat. She hasn’t been spayed yet, so she very well could be. But, her vocalizing kept waking up Maggie last night, who started barking at about 4:30 this morning because of it and then barked about every hour until I woke up at 6:30. So, we’re having another early morning again. I took Maggie outside already to use the bathroom and it looks like she’s going to have to go again here soon.

In addition to all of this, Perdi’s having a hard time with her bladder issues. She’s in and out of the litterbox again, and didn’t eat much last night. We might have to take her to the emergency vet today if she doesn’t eat her breakfast. I am really worried about her bladder symptoms. My brain always goes to “well what if she has cancer or something and they haven’t diagnosed it yet” mainly because of all of our other cats’ issues with cancer. Hopefully that’s not what’s going on with her but I still worry.

Patrick also had soft stools last night so we’re monitoring him. It could be because we’ve been letting him have some wet food lately. He’s also been very vocal but it could be in response to what’s going on with Nakia.

So basically we have a household full of needy and whiny animals right now. Even Tempest is being a bit whiny.

For Thanksgiving we are going to be making Indian food: chicken with chickpeas and gluten free, dairy free, egg free naan. I am looking forward to it. And, we’re having homemade rice crispy treats for dessert.

Well, it looks like Maggie is taking a nap right now. That’s good because she didn’t get enough sleep last night with all of her barking

I hope that this blog post finds all of you doing well.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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