Patrick Loves His New Sister Nakia

Patrick absolutely loves Nakia. It’s really interesting. I’ve never seen him so friendly with a new cat before. Yesterday evening he insisted on going into her room and then cuddled up with her underneath the bed. It was adorable! Then this morning when he got whiny for attention we were able to put him in the spare room with Nakia (we usually put him in there when he wakes us up) without any issues.

Nakia has come out of hiding herself and is ready to explore the house. When we opened the door this morning to the room she’s in, she met us at the door and is ready to explore the house. It’s very cute. We’re waiting to let her explore until after she’s eaten her breakfast, though.

We are a bit worried that Maggie will scare her back to her room, though. Maggie is very excited that there is another kitty in the house and may be too friendly with her. We’ll see!

In other news, Tempest has made it a habit of going into the bathroom with me right after I wake up. He loves getting morning pets in there while I get ready. This morning Patrick came in with us and tried to groom Tempest, but Tempest wouldn’t have any of that.

Perdi, our other female cat, seems annoyed that she’s not the only female cat anymore. But she seems to be doing okay.

Here’s a picture of Patrick and Nakia curled up together:

Patrick loves his new sister Nakia

I’m glad that everything is going so well around our house right now.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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