We Adopted Another Cat, and I Bought A New Reborn

So we too the plunge yesterday and adopted Nakia, a three year old tuxedo, from a rescue here in Washington State. Nakia has recently given birth and all of her kittens were adopted, so we decided to take her in. Patrick took to her right away, giving her kisses as soon as he met her! But she’s a pretty shy girl and has been hiding out either in the closet or underneath the bed since she got home. She did come out to eat, though, when we weren’t there. She is in one of our spare bedrooms away from the other cats for now. We are trying to limit their exposure until we can re-test for things like Fel-v, which she is negative for, but I just want to make sure she truly doesn’t have anything they can catch. So for the first month or so, the cats are going to be mostly separated from her.

Here is a picture of her and Patrick getting to know each other:

Patrick groomed Nakia pretty much immediately. He loves her!

I also got a new reborn who I have named Levi James. He is a Levi kit, which is a really popular kit. I can see why. He’s adorable and definitely my favorite reborn so far! I am trying to sell my 7 month June because she is too big for me to handle comfortably, but haven’t had any luck with doing so. I might also sell my cuddle baby Logan because I like full reborns better than cuddle babies. We’ll see. I’m glad to get Levi though because it feels like he commemorates the loss I had with the chemical pregnancy.

Me holding Levi

I am really loving having a reborn boy with full limbs. I think that he’s just right for me. I also hope that Nakia gets the confidence to come out of hiding soon!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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