I Made An Appointment With One of My LLMD’s on Monday

So I emailed and called my LLMD’s office regarding the issue that I had with the infectious disease doctor. They told me that they had seen this before, where patients go to doctors who are not specialists in Lyme and their symptoms get dismissed. So, apparently I am not alone in having this happen. I did make an appointment on Monday to talk to one of the doctor’s at their office (an LLMD) about this and how to go forward with what he put on my chart. Also, I did hear back from my LLMD who said that we can do more reliable testing for Lyme, and that the fact that I have chronic EBV is medically indisputable in her opinion. She thinks that the ID doctor must have misinterpreted the lab results or something, and I’m wondering if he didn’t have all of them. Basically there was definitely a problem with his interpretation of everything. So hopefully the doctors at this clinic can get everything cleared up.

I’m kind of interested to see how the test results come back that the ID doctor ran, though, and what his interpretation of those will be. Of course, I’m going to run all of the results past my LLMD from now on. But I still want to know what my EBV PCR DNA will be this time.

Really, though, it is quite sad how ignorant so many medical professionals are regarding Chronic Lyme Disease and Chronic Epstein Barr. It’s too bad that it’s common that so many of us are put through the ringer like this.

Anyways, thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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