I Had A Terrible Experience With The Infectious Disease Doctor Yesterday

My psychiatric nurse for some reason wanted me to see a leading infectious disease doctor regarding Lyme Disease even though it is not something that he specializes in. I had a bad feeling about this because I’ve heard that infectious disease doctors who aren’t literate in Lyme can do a lot of damage to Lyme patients, but I went anyways. Of course, he took one look at my Western Blot, which was negative, and said that I don’t have Lyme Disease. But, I’ve researched the accuracy of the Western Blot and am aware that it is only about 60% accurate at the most, and even more inaccurate when it comes to cases of Chronic Lyme (my LLMD has told me this as well). But, this doctor seemed totally reliant on test results and didn’t even ask what my symptoms are at all. He just looked at the Western Blot and said, you don’t have Lyme Disease, and put it all over my chart, which I’m afraid is now going to mess up my medical care. It was terrible. Then, he told me that he thinks that all of my many positive Epstein Barr tests are false positives, that I don’t have Epstein Barr, even though he didn’t even inquire into any of my symptoms. He was like, “How can I convince you that you don’t have Epstein Barr?” and I didn’t answer, I just looked at him like he was an absolute crazy person. And, he didn’t have any reasons or alternate diagnoses to back up why he thinks that the EBV tests are all false positives. He did run an EBV PCR DNA test to try to prove to me that I don’t have it, but those have been negative in the past and my understanding is that they are negative when it comes to reactivations. So I’m thinking, yeah, that’s not going to prove anything to me, because all that shows it that my condition is reactivated. So I again just looked at him like he is absolutely crazy. It was just a horrible appointment, and he had an obvious agenda from the start, which was to convince me and other doctors that I don’t have these conditions when I obviously do. He’s either totally incompetent or just a horrible person, I don’t know. But it was really traumatizing to me, and I had issues sleeping over it last night. I don’t want to ever go back to see him and I have no idea why my doctors wanted me to see him in the first place when I already have a competent LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor). It was all very weird. Now my whole day is off, I’m having repressed memories of trauma, and I’m exhausted and am having sore throats and other symptoms. It sucks! I should have listened to my gut on this one and just not gone to see this guy.

2 thoughts on “I Had A Terrible Experience With The Infectious Disease Doctor Yesterday

  1. Make an appointment with your LLMD immediately. You need to do damage control ASAP. So sorry this is happening to you. Hugs


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