There Was A Lost Dog In Our Yard This Morning

When David took Maggie outside at about 7:45 am this morning, there was a lost dog in our yard. He was able to get close enough to see it’s name on her collar, but wasn’t able to actually bring her inside. When he tried to catch her she ran off towards a nearby store. I looked up posts on the Snohomish county lost dogs and it turns out that this particular dog (or at least we think this dog) has been missing in the area before and has been reunited with owners through that Facebook group. So, I was able to find the potential owner and send them a Facebook message. David’s about to take Maggie out for a walk and will look for the dog some more while I wait to hear from potential owners.

In other news, the cat that we want to adopt got a clean bill of health, so it looks like we’ll be getting her sometime this weekend, which is exciting, and scary too. We’re hoping that since she’s younger that she’ll bring in some young energy and be a good candidate to play with Maggie.

Also, yesterday I had a hard day, with lots of pain and fatigue. I ended up having to micro-dose on THC and couldn’t believe how I had been functioning in so much pain. I feel a lot better today though.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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