Perdi’s Sick Again

Perdi was in and out of the litterbox again yesterday because of her bladder infection/disease. The vet started on her on anti-inflammatories yesterday to help with all of this. Hopefully this will help. What she has is similar to interstitial cystitis in humans, which is actually a condition that I have. So I know her pain with all of this. It is a hard condition to have and it is hard to treat. Hopefully the anti-inflammatories and gabapentin/prazosin help her to feel better. We may have to do a diet change with her too.

Patrick’s been acting funny as well. He’s been starving all the time lately. He was even so hungry yesterday that we caught him eating leaves off of the floor that Maggie dragged in! He ended up throwing up some of these leaves later on. So he’s probably going to be going to the vet to have more bloodwork done here soon.

We are supposed to hear about the cat that we might take in today. We really do want to take her in but are unsure because both Patrick and Perdi seem to be sick. We are able to put her in her own room for a couple of weeks though to do a slow introduction.

The truth is, though, that I was hoping for another boy cat. I mean, I’m happy to take in a girl, but I prefer boy cats and female dogs. But as I said I’m open to both genders.

I’m also just falling in love with Maggie these days. She’s turned out to be the cutest and just friendliest dog. She’s a total sweetheart, and I love her so much! Having her makes me want to actually get another puppy because having one has gone so well.

So I’m kind of torn about what to do with our household. I’ll keep everyone updated about my decisions!

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