We Might Get Another Cat

We’ve been thinking about getting another pet, either a dog or cat, that is closer to Maggie’s age so that she has someone her age to play with. Right now, she tries to play with our 15 year old cat Patrick, who doesn’t really know his limits, and I’m afraid he’s going to over-exert himself. So this is why we are thinking of getting a younger pet. Plus, it will take worry off of me because I worry every time Maggie tries to play with our elderly cats. I would feel much more comfortable with her playing with animals who can keep up with her.

Well one of my local friends through Facebook pointed me towards a woman who’s about an hour away who has a couple of mommy cats who need to be adopted. There are two. Each one just gave birth to a litter a couple of months ago. The woman has had no problem adopting out the kittens but is having issues finding homes for the moms. One mom is two years old and is a calico and the other is three years old and is a black and white tuxedo. Apparently, the tuxedo grew up around dogs so she thinks that this cat will play well with Maggie and our other cats. But, the cat is going to the vet today to get screened for potential infectious diseases, and then the woman will call me on Tuesday with the results.

I’m actually feeling good about possibly getting a younger cat. I’ve been holding onto this idea for some time that Patrick and Lucy are/were “my cats” and afraid to bond with other cats for a lot of reasons. One of the reasons is that I was put through really bad ritualistic abuse with Patrick and Lucy, and I want to make sure I’m safe and not being accessed in any way before adopting more cats. Plus, I just don’t think I’ve been ready to fully move on from everything, really. But I think that adopting a cat in particular would be like starting over for me, even though Patrick still is alive. I don’t know why, it just feels that way. So I’m actually kind of excited about it, but am also worried about how the three resident cats will do with a new cat.

And then at some point I do want to get a second dog for our house, too. But I’m hoping to get a retired dog that has been used for breeding. They sometimes have a hard time finding homes as well. Plus I definitely don’t have the energy to raise a puppy again right now.

So there’s a lot to think about in terms of our household. I do know that I’m ready to create a good life for myself, no matter who we adopt.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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