I’m Feeling Much Better Today

I’m realizing that it really is a rollercoaster having chronic health issues. One day, I’ll feel like I can do whatever I want and be active all day, and the next I’ll be exhausted and have little motivation to do anything. It’s quite frustrating. But it is the reality of living with both physical and mental health conditions.

To follow up from yesterday, my doctor said that I am only mildly anemic and that nothing needs to be done about it. The problem is, though, that the new candida supplements I’m supposed to start taking all say not to take them if you are anemic. Since these are through my LLMD I had the records sent to her so that she can determine if I should be using these supplements right now or not.

It was very frustrating to deal with the doctor who said that nothing was wrong at all and then admitted that yes, I am mildly anemic but not enough to need medications. I’m not sure what her deal is, but the whole thing made me really angry. And, given that this affects what medications I can take, it’s a big deal.

At least today I have more energy then yesterday. This is good. I’m planning on doing some revisions in my book and doing yoga, plus hopefully taking Maggie for a short walk.

Patrick was really needy last night as well, but I still managed to get enough sleep despite it. He woke me up at around midnight wanting attention. It woke me all the way up. Luckily I was able to get back to sleep.

I also had a meeting with another eating disorder program yesterday. They can do virtual appointments with me. I’ll be meeting with a nutritionist once a week and with an ED therapist once a week, on top of my weekly therapy with the DID specialist. I also do have a formal assessment today with a treatment center in Seattle, but I doubt that I can follow through with their program because it’s too far away.

So maybe by the end of the day I’ll have a diagnosis. We’ll see. I’ll let everyone know if I do.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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