We Had A Pretty Good Weekend

I felt so much better over the weekend that we were able to take Maggie to the dog park on both Saturday and Sunday! We did fun things all weekend and overall had a really good time.

On Saturday I did twenty minutes of Hatha yoga and was able to keep up with it without getting totally exhausted. Afterwards we had some appointments and then took Maggie to a dog park near us. She had a lot of fun running around and got to meet another doodle! She was so happy to be outside and playing with other dogs.

Maggie was so happy after going to the dog park on Saturday

On Sunday we aimed to get some of the house clean and to take Maggie to another dog park. We took her to a dog park that had some trails and did a half hour of hiking with her before letting her run around at the off leash area. It was a lot of fun, but I was really tired afterwards. So, we didn’t get the cleaning done that we had wanted to. That was okay, because we ended up watching some movies and some parts who have never watched movies before joined us. It turns out that some of my parts were programmed by the cult to do specific tasks have never done anything relaxing before this. Like, they had always just done their programmed “job”. But, that has made a bunch of these parts really burnt out and moody. So, I was really glad to find out that some of these parts joined the rest of us for a comedy last night. Afterward, they told David about how it was the first movie they’d ever watched and how excited they were. So now these parts want to watch more funny movies. Which is good because they have been over-worked by the cult and deserve to relax.

So, overall, we had a good weekend. For today, I just need to convince these parts to let us work on revising our book a little bit. Which is hard, because I’m realizing how burnt out so many are. But, we’ll get through it.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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