There Was Drag Racing Near My House Last Night

I did not have a very restful night last night and am very exhausted. There was what sounded like drag racing in our neighborhood last night. I heard it around 11 pm/12 am. It was really loud and it scared me and all the parts and caused Maggie to bark a lot in the middle of the night. Then I woke up at 5:45 am and couldn’t fall back asleep.

I’m disappointed because I’m too tired to get any writing or yoga done today. I just am too foggy from not getting enough sleep. Hopefully I’ll be able to work on these things over the weekend.

In other news, I found a new primary care provider who said that I shouldn’t have been suffering this long and that my previous PCP should have sought out help from specialists about my symptoms years ago and shouldn’t have stopped until she found help for me. I’ve been frustrated with my current PCP for awhile because she acts like nothing can be done for my symptoms. But this new PCP says that lots can be done and that I should be able to get into remission from all of this. So that was good, and hopeful.

The eating disorder assessment didn’t go so well. They want me to do a partial hospitalization program that is M-F for 6 hours a day with a 45 minute commute. There is no way that I am up for something like that. Currently I’m so exhausted that I can barely do things like, the dishes, and brushing my teeth, so there is no way that I can do that intensive of a program, especially in person. I did set up a Zoom assessment with them next week so that I can get an actual diagnosis but will just have to tell them that I can’t do the PHP program given my health issues. Hopefully they can find another way to help me.

Also in my counseling session yesterday my littles and other parts came out and talked to my counselor. This is the first time they’ve done this with this counselor. He treated them all very well, but it was exhausting for me.

So if you’re reading this, and I don’t seem much up for chatting on Facebook messenger today, it’s because I’m exhausted from everything that’s going on. Try to have some compassion for me if I’m not able to be there for everyone today.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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