I Am Below My Goal Weight, Plus I Have A Busy Day

I finally got below my goal weight this week. It happened quite quickly actually. I started antibiotics on Sunday and by today I have lost about two pounds. I’m really hoping that I’m not just losing muscle from being sick, though. I am proud of myself at least for not gaining during this period of inactivity. Still, I had hoped to lose weight while maintaining my muscle mass.

I did do a half hour of restorative yoga yesterday. It was really nice. I’m not going to be able to do yoga today, though, because I have four virtual appointments today. So, I will be focusing all of my energy on those.

I do plan on doing some hatha yoga tomorrow, but I still need to be careful. I get winded and dizzy really easily. I tried to take Maggie on a five minute walk yesterday and couldn’t do it, and had to lay down on the grass in front of my house to rest. It was pretty embarrassing. But, yoga doesn’t seem to make me winded the same way as walking does, so hopefully I can still keep it up during this time.

I’m hoping that all of my doctor’s appointments go well today. I am meeting today with a high risk gynecologist to discuss the chemical pregnancy and where to go from here regarding birth control options and things like that. We’re also going to talk about what to do if I get pregnant again.

An update on the pets: Maggie’s tummy issues are clearing up on the medication/supplement given by the holistic vet. I’m really happy about this. We also took Patrick and Tempest to see him yesterday and might switch them to a different and better food.

Patrick laid on me while I slept last night, but then woke me up wanting kisses. Maggie loves to give kisses as well as soon as I wake up. Currently, our female cat Perdi is brushing up against me for attention as I write this blog post.

I hope that this blog post finds you well.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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