More Issues With Finding Health Care, Plus A Positive

On Saturday I went to the hospital because I felt sick and was depressed. I talked to an intake coordinator there who recommended an intensive outpatient program. They, and the intake coordinator, were supposed to call me by the end of the day yesterday. They didn’t. So, I called them instead.

I found out that the program that she recommended is actually a six week DBT program, and it is not sensitive to plurals (systems, DID). This is not what I was looking for or agreed to. DBT is really intensive, and given that I have pneumonia right now, it would probably be overwhelming for me. I wouldn’t get a lot out of it, either, even if I tried because I’m so sick. So I likely am not going to be doing that program. I’ve been offered DBT programs in the past, too, but always refuse because even during my best of times they are too intensive for me given my physical health issues.

Luckily I did talk to a psychiatrist yesterday who found a medication for me to help with anxiety (hydroxizine). I started taking it yesterday and actually was able to sleep for about 3 hours in the middle of the day, plus 9 hours overnight. My dizziness is lower today than it was the previous two days as well so it seems like rest is what I need right now. I’m really glad that a doctor found something that will keep me calm and able to rest that is non-habit forming and will not make me gain weight.

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