I’m Having A Super Frustrating Time

I just got diagnosed with mycoplasma (walking) pneumonia today. I think that I’ve actually had it for awhile but my primary care doctor kept dismissing my symptoms as “GI symptoms”. I knew that they weren’t, so I kept trying to get help from other doctors until one of them finally figured it out. This is frustrating to me because last year around this same time I also had walking pneumonia and this same doctor dismissed my symptoms as “chronic fatigue”. So I ended up finding out that I had it at the tail end of the infection, after I had struggled for months without antibiotics. This time, I am being treated with antibiotics.

You all should be proud of me though because I actually took a survey and wrote a formal complaint about this doctor in it describing the situation. My Dad was a pharmacist and I was always taught not just to trust but to revere medical professionals. But, it seems as though that bubble has been popped. I’m realizing that if the doctors can’t diagnose pneumonia in someone with Lyme Disease and a history of pneumonia, that it makes sense that they are failing when it comes to deal with the Covid-19 crisis. I mean, considering that I was walking around contagious with walking pneumonia, thinking that my symptoms were either due to the chemical pregnancy or pneumonia, and contagious, think of how many people are walking around with covid-19 after being told that they have something else. It’s scary to realize how dismal the health care is in the US and how bad this pandemic really is and still could be.

So naturally I’m frustrated and scared over all of this. But at least I know what’s wrong so that my parts can all stop screaming at me that something is.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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