I’m Having Some Issues With My Health Again

I got up on the full dose of Lyme medication a few weeks ago and overdid it on my honeymoon and have been going downhill from there. My main symptoms are GI symptoms that started about three weeks ago. I went into the ER yesterday because it was so bad, but they didn’t find anything emergent. So I’m going to have to see a GI specialist, which to me isn’t a lot of fun. I’m also getting my thyroid re-checked tomorrow.

This is all frustrating because I was doing so well and then just kind of crashed. But, I’ve heard that this is common with Lyme patients.

Today my plan is to do some gentle yoga that is focused on aiding with digestion, take Maggie for a walk, and then get my hair cut. It should be a relaxing day.

I’m also backing down on my Lyme medication for now until I see my LLMD at the end of the month.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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