I’m Feeling Better

My Covid-19 test came back negative yesterday, meaning that I have a cold or flu. I started to feel better yesterday too, so did a half hour of yoga and also took Maggie on a 40 minute walk. It was nice to exercise again, but I could tell that I’m still not 100 percent when I was doing yoga. My body felt kind of weak.

We took Maggie on a walk around a nearby lake that she hadn’t been to before. She really loved it there. She was a bit out of control in terms of her hyperactivity. She’s starting agility training on Tuesday so hopefully this will funnel some of her energy.

I’m not sure what we’re going to do today. I could clean the house, but I really feel like getting out and going hiking since this is our last weekend without rain for awhile. I also want to put out our Halloween decorations.

Here’s a picture of Maggie on our walk yesterday and a progress picture of me, so that you can see how far I’ve come in my journey to get in shape:

Maggie at a local lake
A picture of me before I did yoga yesterday
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