I Had A Bad Day Yesterday

Yesterday just didn’t seem to go well. First off, I am sick, which isn’t a lot of fun. I don’t like being sick and I especially don’t like getting off of my routines, including my exercise routine. Secondly, Patrick went to get his MRI yesterday morning, which we’ve been waiting for for months. Instead of getting it, though, he saw a different neurologist, who recommended against the MRI because it won’t change his treatment plan. So, we decided not to do the MRI after all.

I emailed my doctor about my cold symptoms, and she recommended that I get tested for covid-19. So, I set up the test at 3:40 pm. We took Maggie with us. On the way there, I looked back at Maggie to see her laying across the back seat of the car, looking lethargic. She had actually pooped in the car! We called the vet and they recommended taking her to the emergency vet. But, since I have suspected covid-19 (I doubt I have it, but they’re taking precautions), neither David or I could take her into the vet. So, David’s parents had to do it for us. It turns out that she’s having another bout of gastritis and stress colitis, likely from our trip and all the recent changes she’s been through. So, she got an anti-nausea shot, fluids, and take home probiotics.

I’m going to set up an appointment with her regular vet to discuss her tummy issues. I don’t like seeing her this sick all the time. I know that doodles are known to have sensitive stomachs, but this seems like it is more than that. And it’s scary because we’ve had three cats with intestinal issues and now we have a dog with one.

So yeah, not the greatest day yesterday. Now, I’m just waiting for my test results to come back. They should take 24-48 hours.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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