I Have A Hard Time Resting When I’m Sick

I started coming down with a cold or some type of flu on Tuesday. I wasn’t sure if I was sick or not on Wednesday but by the evening I definitely knew that I was. It really feels like I have an EBV reactivation, which makes sense because I was so busy on the honeymoon and, in addition, wildfire smoke can reactivate EBV. So, I’ve just been trying to rest these past few days.

But, it’s really hard for me to rest. I worry about not making progress in my yoga practice and writing when I feel like this. Sometimes I’ll push myself to do some yoga but right now I just don’t feel well enough. I also worry about gaining weight and/or losing muscle mass if I don’t exercise every day.

I have a hard time focusing on the tv when I just watch it all day, but that’s all I feel like doing right now. So it’s really hard for me. I really hope that I feel better soon!

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