We Just Got Back From Our Honeymoon!

We went on our honeymoon from Thursday to Tuesday of this past week. It was a lot of fun! We went to Leavenworth, Washington, which is a tourist town in the mountains here in Washington State. It was a little nerve wracking for me, though, to be around a lot of people because of the pandemic. I just wore my face mask the whole time, washed my hands a lot, and used a lot of hand sanitizer.

We did a lot of hiking and walking while we were there and ate German food. The town has a Bavarian theme so is full of good German restaurants. I did gain .8 pounds while there but I think that it’s mostly water weight from the salty food.

The hikes we did, though, were all pretty easy hikes because our puppy Maggie is only 9 months old so can’t go on long or steep hikes. The hardest/longest hike that we did was the Icicle Gorge Trail, which was just over four miles but with minimal elevation gain. It’s the longest hike that Maggie’s ever done and she did great!

I also really enjoyed walking along the riverfront trails in downtown Leavenworth and Wenatchee. The riverfront trail in Leavenworth is especially nice and was only a few blocks from our hotel.

We also walked around Lake Wenatchee, which is a lake in the mountains that’s about 20 miles from Leavenworth. It has a nice campground, which, eventually when we buy a trailer, we hope to use. Here’s a picture of me and Maggie there:

Maggie and me at Lake Wenatchee

It really is quite scenic there, as you can see. The air quality was either excellent or fair the whole time we were on vacation, which was nice. But, now it’s poor again as more smoke comes up from California. This is too bad because I was hoping to take Maggie hiking again this week! Hopefully it clears up soon.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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