I’m Having a Weird Morning

I am a mod for a Facebook group that does psychic readings. I sometimes do readings in there myself. This morning, I woke up to a random message request on Facebook. So, I opened it. It was from some random woman who simply said, “I don’t believe in readings, I’m a Christian.” The weird thing is that I don’t know this person, she’s not on my friends list. She does have a mutual friend of mine, so I assume that somehow she found me through her. But still, I find it very weird that someone would just send you a message like that, and very creepy. So first I deleted the message and tried to ignore it, but then I spoke up to her and told her that it is rude to send a message like this regarding what a person does. I could have said a lot more, about how creepy it is and stuff, but I didn’t. Now, though, I’m feeling really triggered and creeped out.

So yeah, I feel off. And, I have a yoga lesson in half an hour. Hopefully I can pull myself together by then. But I have all these questions now about this woman. Like, does she know that what she did is creepy and stalker-ish? Does she realize that it’s not okay? Why would she do it? It’s all very strange to me. I always wonder about why people do what they do, especially when it’s so uncalled for. And, not knowing why they did strange things always bothers me. I like answers to human behavior, but sometimes there is no good answer.

In addition to this, there is a crew of men that are working on the house across the street. They are parked on our property and Maggie is just going crazy. She’s sitting at the window just barking at them. David finally just closed the window curtains to try to get her to calm down.

Anyways, hopefully my day turns around. I hope that everyone who reads this is doing well.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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