We Tried Doga Yesterday! Plus, I’m A Size 4 Again

Maggie’s been going stir crazy because she isn’t able to go for walks right now. The air quality is still poor. So, I decided to try something new with her yesterday. We tried doga (dog yoga)! We watched a youtube video to do it. She really seemed to enjoy it, so I bought a book on it to learn more about it. It was so much fun though. We’re going to start doing it every day together. I told David, too, that I could really see myself teaching doga classes if my health ever gets to the point where I can work. I think I’d be really good at it.

Also, I tried on some of my size four pants that were too small a few months ago, and they all fit! I’m really excited about this. I’m glad to be able to fit into my clothes again! Now I’m just worried, though, that I’m going to need to buy new bras all over again. But, I’m going to wait until I lose more weight before I do. Right now I weigh 129 pounds and I want to get down to 120-125 or so. So, I’m going to hold off on buying certain types of clothing until I reach my goal weight.

I did yoga sculpt on Wednesday, and a fusion video yesterday, and am trying to decide what to do today. I probably should do yoga sculpt, so that I get at least two days of that in per week. But, I’m feeling kind of lazy and tired today, so we’ll see. I did go out in the air a little yesterday to take Maggie to the bathroom and it definitely affected me.

It looks like the air should clear up over the next few days, though. That’s good because Maggie needs walks. It’s supposed to be fair quality starting tomorrow, which, if I wear a mask, I should be able to take her on short walks in. Hopefully, anyways, since I am sensitive to smoke.

All of this climate change though definitely has me worried.

Anyways, thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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