The Smoke Is Still Here. Plus, I’m Discovering More Parts Every Day

The smoke from the wildfires is still here in Western Washington. The air quality is extremely unhealthy today and is supposed to get a little better and reach unhealthy tomorrow. This definitely is impacting our family. I’m fatiguing a bit easier than usual, I’m noticing, and Maggie, our 8 month old goldendoodle, is going stir crazy and having accidents in the house (she’s not able to go on her long walks right now, which is when she usually potties). So this has been stressful for us. Luckily, I’m still keeping up on my yoga practice and keeping the house clean.

The other thing that I’m doing right now is updating my workout clothes. I realized the last couple of days that most of my sports bras are 5 plus years old, meaning that I definitely need to replace them. Granted, I have like, 15 sports bras, so I don’t wear each one every week, but still. So I’m working on updating my collection. Also, I bought a few pairs of new yoga pants and shirts and am going to buy more. I just suddenly realized that I care about what clothes I wear when I do yoga, and that I want to look cute. So, I’ve been hitting up the sales that I can find to buy new clothes.

I’m also finding new parts and alters every day. I have Dissociative Identity Disorder, which means that I have multiple parts/personalities. But, for a long time I was so dissociated and fragmented that there wasn’t much communication between the parts. This made me really vulnerable and unhappy for a long time. But today I’m gaining communication between parts, and discovering new ones every day. It’s nice. I feel like I’m past the phase, too, where I’m discovering the trauma that caused me to have this disorder. So now I can focus on finding out more about my present situation and all of my parts and personalities. It feels nice and healing.

We had to move Patrick’s MRI to October because of the air quality. I don’t really want to drive long distances when the air is very unhealthy out, so we scheduled it out a little ways. He’s doing okay, but is having some issues eating.

Tempest is reacting to the smoke the most. He’s sniffly and his eye is runny. He has an appointment with the vet next week to check his thyroid and while he’s there, they are going to make sure he’s okay overall.

I hope that this blog post finds you well, or at least okay. I know that many people across the world are struggling right now.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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