It’s Time That We All Admit Our Part In Climate Change And In The Current Perils That We Face

Smoke from the forest fires are still affecting our area. The air quality has been very unhealthy since Friday and will continue to be until at least Thursday of this week, and maybe for longer. I’ve been trying to find some positive in this by thinking that at least it cuts down my two workouts a day to one (I usually do yoga in the mornings and take Maggie for a walk in the afternoon/evenings), which means that I’m getting some extra rest. I’ve actually lost some weight this week, too, which tells me that the two workouts per day may be hindering my weight loss. That’s good to know, but I can’t really change it, because Maggie, our goldendoodle, needs her daily walks, and I myself am really into yoga. So, we’ll see what happens. I might play more fetch with her and do dog parks so that I don’t have to exercise twice every day.

Maggie really is going quite stir crazy without her daily walks, though. She’s barking a lot and getting obviously frustrated without being able to go outdoors. We’re trying to keep her busy indoors with fetch, playing with her toys, and training, but it’s still not enough. She’s constantly ringing the bell to go outside, not to potty but to go on a walk. It’s kind of sad. For her sake, I hope that the air quality clears up soon.

I seem to be doing okay with doing Vinyasa yoga every day despite the poor air quality. I’m glad. And yesterday I cleaned the whole house. Tomorrow I still have yoga with my instructor, so we’ll see how that goes. We were going to do yoga sculpt but I think I’m going to ask to do a Vinyasa or Hatha flow.

I hope that everyone else who’s affected by the fires is doing okay with it. I hear about a lot of my friends who are struggling with respiratory issues and fatigue, and of people who’ve lost their houses to fire.

Another note, too. I wanted to talk about climate change and the state of the world. Some people think that this is just a bad year. The truth is, though, is that scientists have worried about the effects of climate change and of meat pollutants (irresponsible farming and meat production) for years. There have been predictions of just what is happening now. I know, for me, because of my background in fundamentalist religions and cults, it’s easy for me to panic and think that this is some sort of apocalypse or has some grounding in religious issues. But, I’m trying to keep myself grounded in reality and remind myself that this is all due to climate change and due to humans infringing upon animals rights and ignoring the environment. Scientists have been predicting this. I still find my mind, though, jumping to extremes about this, so I’m trying to keep myself from going there and to stay planted in reality, if that makes sense. I think that it’s easier in some ways to think that the Gods/God must be doing this than to admit that we, as a human race, are responsible for the perils that we are experiencing right now. But I think that it’s time that we become responsible, and stop throwing out these types of conspiracy theories. If we all admitted our part in climate change, and made changes for the better, we may be able to not just save ourselves but earth as we know it.

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