I Tried Ashtanga Yoga Yesterday!

I tried a modified version of Ashtanga yoga yesterday with my instructor! I was a little anxious to try it because I thought it might be really hard, but it wasn’t! It wasn’t that much harder than some of the Vinyasa that I do, or SUP yoga. My instructor told me, though, that full Ashtanga classes take a couple of hours, which is something that I might want to work up to at some point.

She also sent me a yoga sculpt sequence this morning through email. I’m probably going to do it sometime today. I am realizing, though, that I’m pretty exhausted today, so I am probably going to take a nap after I eat breakfast. I went on the stationary bike yesterday afternoon and I’m tired from exercising twice yesterday. And, overall, for some reason I’m just tired out.

On another note, there are wildfires in Eastern and Washington Washington (the area that I live) which is resulting in poor air quality. This could be part of the reason I feel so tired this morning. It’s reached unhealthy levels and a lot of people with health issues are having problems. I’ve been trying to stay indoors as much as I can. The only time I’ve gone out is to take Maggie on potty breaks, and I wear a mask when I do. But, it is pretty scary to me that towns in Western Washington are having to be evacuated due to fires. That’s not too common on this side of the state.

I’m just that we’re safe where we are at.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

Categories air quality, forest fires, Yoga

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