I Had A Reaction From An Ionic Foot Bath Yesterday

As you may know, if you read my blog, I have Chronic Lyme Disease and co-infections including Chronic Epstein Barr, CMV, and Babesia. Since getting my diagnosis and starting treatment, I’ve been doing everything that I can to detox. I do this because it helps me feel better and reduces the chance of a herx reaction (too much viral of bacterial die off in the body). So, I’ve been trying a lot of things to detox including the infared sauna, yoga/exercise, activated charcoal, lymphatic drainage massages, and massages in general. Yesterday, the spa that I go to was running a special on ionic foot baths, so I decided to try it.

My understanding of ionic foot baths is that they release ions that help you to detoxify through the feet. They are said to be powerful at detox. My husband and I tried them at 12 pm yesterday. It was pretty interesting and very relaxing to do. The water even turns colors that tell you what you are detoxing. Mine turned an orangish red color, which indicated that my joints were detoxing. My husband’s turned black, which indicated that his liver was detoxing. Overall, my joints felt better at the end of the session. In addition to the foot soak, I also drank some detox tea that specifically detoxed heavy metals and went in the sauna for 20 minutes.

I remember I did feel a bit strange after the foot bath. It felt like the sauna was hotter than usual when it wasn’t. I felt okay until the evening, when I began to get a headache and feel fatigued. Then, I ended up with shooting pains in my upper back and neck that turned into a pins and needles feeling for about an hour. It was really uncomfortable and provoked a lot of anxiety. Then, it just went away at about 9 pm. It was weird, but I’ve felt those pins and needles before. They can happen with herpesviruses and Lyme.

The fact, though, that I had this reaction is not necessarily a bad thing. It could mean that the foot bath may have really worked to detox and that I felt the reaction in my body. We’ll see how I feel over the next couple of days. I do know that I didn’t need to oversleep last this morning.

If it does seem to help, I might do the ionic foot soak a couple of times a month. I know that I can’t afford to do it every week though on top of everything else I’m doing.

I think that this all just proves how hard it really is to recover from Lyme Disease. You never know what’s going to help and what’s going to hurt until you try it, and there are so many things you need to do to recover. It really is life-altering.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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