Patrick’s DNA Results Came Back, and He’s Part Savannah!

I always wondered what breed my cats Patrick and Lucy were. They both have spots, are very vocal, and walk on leashes, so I always thought that they must be partly exotic. I guessed that they were part Egyptian Mau or Bengal after doing some research on breeds.

Well, I finally decided to find out for sure if my hunch was right. A couple of months ago we did a cat DNA test for Patrick. The results are back, and they are very interesting. He is part exotic: he’s 8.5% Savannah! I knew that they kind of looked like Savannahs but thought that the other breeds were more likely. But I think now that it’s really cool that he’s part Savannah! That’s a pretty rare and exotic cat breed. His other breeds were: American Shorthair, Ragdoll, Russian Blue, Thai Siamese, and Peterbald. I was pretty shocked that he is Siamese! I had no idea. It explains though why he’s so vocal.

Overall, I’m really happy that I did this test on him. I’m glad that my hunch was right about him having an interesting background in terms of breed.

Here’s a recent picture of him with our other cat Perdi (he’s the silver one with spots):

Patrick and Perdi

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