Maggie’s Feeling Much Better This Morning

I was getting really worried about Maggie last night. She was lethargic, didn’t eat all of her dinner, and threw up about 45 minutes before she ate. But, this morning she’s a big ball of energy again and seems to be feeling much better! I’m really glad about this. Hopefully we can do something fun this weekend!

The hardest thing about having pets for me is watching them get sick. It’s so difficult and sad, especially because they can’t communicate exactly how they feel. Even though this is hard for me, though, I still think that it’s worth it to have pets. They bring so much love into my life.

Oh, I also want to put up a quick update about our other pets. Patrick saw the cardiologist on Wednesday. He has a few irregularities in his heart but is strong enough to get an MRI. Our other male cat Tempest has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and hyperthyroidism and started medication for that this week.

I decided to take the week off of writing since I have so much going on. My editor just sent me 25 pages of revisions last night, though, but I think I’m going to work on that next week.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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