Maggie Has Gastritis

You may have noticed that I didn’t post a blog post yesterday. That’s because Maggie is sick. She woke us up yesterday with dry heaving and coughing. So, I got up and quickly took her to the emergency vet. They did some x-rays and bloodwork and diagnosed her with gastritis. She’s on some medications for it and is supposed to rest for 3-5 days. That’s going to be really hard for her! Yesterday David and I went on our evening walk and left her at home. She was very upset about this.

We are going to take advantage of this, though, by either going for a kick scooter ride or a bike ride. We haven’t been able to do either of those things since getting Maggie because we take her for daily walks. So, hopefully we will find the time to do that. We should be able to.

Even though I was tired yesterday I did still manage to do some really gentle yoga and went for a 50 minute walk. David and I explored some neighborhoods in the area that we hadn’t been to. It was fun, but we wished that Maggie could have gone with us.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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