It’s Patrick’s Birthday!

Patrick has defied all the odds and made it to 15 today! I’m really proud of him. He’s quite the fighter. He’s had cancer and other conditions for over two years now and is still going strong. He’s currently cuddling on my lap right now!

I’m probably going to take him outside and pick some blackberries with him later. He actually loves berries and anything sweet, so that should be a good treat for him! We’re also going to give him his favorite tuna treat later on.

In terms of how I’m doing, I’m still shaken up from one of my old abusers trying to get ahold of me. But, I was still able to get everything done yesterday, and slept about 10 hours last night.

Last week I also finished my own revisions of one of my books, and am trying to decide if I should start revising another one. I might take a break from writing for the rest of the summer, actually (in terms of my fiction writing, not my blog). I think that would be good for me.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below.

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