We’re Working on Polite Greetings With Maggie

One of the things we are working on in all of Maggie’s training classes is polite greetings. This means that when she sees someone, whether it be a stranger or us, she sits to get attention rather than jumping up on the person. It’s a pretty hard thing for her to learn because she loves to jump. But, she’s starting to get the hang of it.

I took her for a walk yesterday and she was able to sit for a couple of strangers. One even gave her pets. I also had her sit whenever bicyclists went by. Everyone was really impressed with her and thought that she was adorable!

Next month we are going to start agility training with her. I think that she’ll do well with that. After that we’ll do a basic manners class.

It really is a lot of work though to train a puppy! She doesn’t always listen, and sometimes when she gets frustrated she barks or makes a little moaning/frustrated noise. I’m still glad that we got her and that we’re doing it, but sometimes I feel like it would be nice to have a break!

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