We Had A Scare Last Night

At about 1:45 am last night our natural gas alarm went off. We thought that there might be a propane leak so we evacuated with the animals (which took some time because Perdi was hiding) and called 911. The fire department came and luckily did not find a leak. They said that we need to replace our equipment. The whole thing took at least half an hour, and then it took me some time to fall back asleep. I was pretty frightened by the whole incident, and embarrassed too. It was quite the night around here.

Maggie was really excited too to have people at our house. She was barking a lot and jumping all over the place. The pandemic has been hard for her because she hasn’t gotten the socialization with people that most dogs get at her age. This makes her kind of jumpy around strangers.

I am just really glad, though, that there was no leak. I was worried that we were going to have to find somewhere else to stay.

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